Supervision Service for A New Energy Project in  Guangdong Finished

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      In March 2024, the service engineer of GREATWALL MIXERS provided on-site supervision services for agitators of a New Energy project in Guangdong province, China. These agitators are mainly used in producing ternary precursor.

About the ternary precursor

      NCA/NCM ternary precursor refers to the co-precipitated compound of nickel, cobalt, aluminum (manganese) hydroxide, which is a crucial raw material for producing nickel-cobalt-aluminum (manganese) acid ternary cathode materials. The value of the precursor can constitute more than half of the value of the ternary cathode material, while the proportion of the cathode material in the cost of lithium battery materials is as high as about 40%.

About project design

      This unique combination merges the characteristics of the helical turbine agitator with the advantages of the toothed structure to achieve a more efficient mixing effect. The advantage of this combination lies in the toothed helical turbine agitator, which provides higher shear force due to its tooth-like structure, which is highly beneficial for processes requiring high shear and good dispersion effects. The helical turbine agitator is adept at generating radial flow, which aids in the overall circulation of the fluid. Using these two types of agitators in combination can achieve efficient shear and good convective circulation simultaneously when dealing with complex processes. This combination can be used in a wide range of industrial processes, including mixing, dispersion, particle crystallization, reaction, dissolution, solid-liquid suspension, heat transfer, and other operations. Especially in chemical reactions and the mixing process of suspending solid particles, using these two types of agitators in combination can provide excellent performance. This combination can be widely used in industries such as chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, new energy, food processing, and petrochemicals.

Lean production

      We have always adhered to the concept of lean production, and the factory strictly implements the PIP production standard, striving to create first-class agitators for customers.

Installation and commissioning

      During the installation and commissioning phase, our after-sales engineers strictly follow our installation standards and provide professional guidance to on-site installation personnel to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

      This on-site service not only demonstrates our professional capabilities in the field of mixing but also deepens our cooperation with customers, jointly promoting innovation and development in the field of new materials. Looking ahead, we will adhere to lean production, deepen technological research and development, bravely climb the peak of technology, create brilliant achievements for the new energy field, and promote the vigorous development of the industry.