Supervision Service for A Chemical Project in Sichuan Finished

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      In May 2024, the service engineer of Greatwall Mixers provided on-site supervision services for impellerss of a Chemical project in Sichuan. These impellerss are mainly applied in producing agrochemical.

      Selection and Design

      During the design phase of this project, our technical team selected three types of impellers combinations based on material characteristics, onsite working temperature, pressure parameters, and the process requirements of each section. The selected combinations are as follows: the three-wide blade propeller combined with the swept-back blade impellers, the anchor frame impellers, and the inclined blade impellers.

      About the Impellers Combinations

      The three-wide blade propeller impellers consists of three helical conical wide blades, which possess significant turbulent expansion capability. The swept-back blade impellers achieves a substantial vertical circulation flow field. When used together, these two impellerss ensure uniform fluid distribution within the mixing tank.

      The anchor frame impellers has blades that resemble an anchor, covering the bottom and sidewalls of the mixing tank. It operates at low speed with high torque, making it suitable for mixing high-viscosity and high-density materials, such as paints, resins, and polymers. Its wall-scraping design prevents material from adhering to the container walls, enhancing mixing efficiency and improving heat transfer efficiency, making it ideal for processes requiring heating or cooling.

      The inclined blade impellers has blades tilted at a specific angle, making it more effective at promoting fluid movement compared to horizontal blade designs. It is suitable for liquids ranging from low to medium viscosity. Its efficient axial flow makes it ideal for scenarios requiring high-efficiency mixing and circulation.The inclined blade impellers is energy-efficient, with significantly lower energy consumption under the same conditions. It is widely used in the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries for liquid mixing, reactions, and heat transfer processes.

     Installation and Commissioning

      During the installation and commissioning phase, Greatwall Mixers¡¯ after-sales engineers provided professional guidance to onsite installation personnel, overseeing the entire installation process to ensure stable and successful installation and operation of the equipment. Through meticulous installation and commissioning, we ensured the equipment's stability and efficiency at the customer¡¯s site, providing reliable support for the customer's production.

      Greatwall Mixers remains committed to providing high-quality mixing equipment and services, meeting the diverse needs of our customers, and supporting their success.