Overview of Research & Development
Mixing equipments are highly customized. In order to provide the reliable customized mixing equipment and customized process solutions, Greatwall R&D center colleted a number of knowledgeable staff, built a state-of-the-art mixing lab,  which includes high speed video imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Brookfield Viscosity meter, and CFD analysis. In addition to laboratory sizes, we have full scale testing capability at our factory. Modern, well-equipped lab facilities allow studying inter-relationships between mixing technologies and customer-specific processes.
The performance of research and development is based on a very experienced and established team with an excellent expertise in state-of-the-art technology and process solutions. Our engineers and technicians are developing the solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and operational reliability for the customers.
Trial Experiments
Greatwall mixing lab can provide various trial experiments from liters size to tons size. Various impellers, from common types to customized types, could meet the experimental requirements. The experiments could provide testing for speed, torque, mixing performance evaluation, flow field measurement, even some reaction processes. Except, provide services for customers, we have cooperated with universities to finish lots of fundamental research for new mixing technologies and equipments.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Computational Fluid Dynamics is a very useful tool in R&D. It allows for an accurate insight into the flow conditions in a vessel. The process configuration is precisely reproduced unlimited by size. This makes it possible to reliably predict the mixing performance in large tanks including those with unusual geometry or process requirements. Greatwall R&D team had finished lots of actual CFD simulations from simple single phase mixing to complex multi-phase suspension, dispersion, etc.
Load / Non-load Testing
Greatwall mixing laboratory facility could perform load/non-load testing for customers. The units scheduled for loaded run test shall be tested per strict requirements to ensure proper analysis and recommendations. The big testing tank underground can perform mixers with shaft of 4 meters long. The non-load testing platform can perform mixers with shaft of 14 meters long. By load/non-load testing, some design or manufacture errors will be prevented before shipped out of the factory.
Mixer Design Process
According to the design process, management software is puchased and several design softwares are developed by ourselves. Especially the "Mixing Design Suite", which contains lots of mature design formulas from handbook, can provide quick design calculation. More important, it integrates lots of successful design experiences more than 20 years. These experiences are very important for new projects and mixers design.