GMX Series Planetary Cycloid Pin Gear Driven Top Entry Mixers/Agitators
GMX series mixers/agitators
Size: To 90kW(120HP)
Speeds: 0.1~160rpm
Torque: Over 30000N.m
Characteristics & Features:
GMX series mixers/agitators work on planetary transmission principle with pin gear meshing. It is usually used for low speed and high torque operations. With high cost performance, it has wide applications in fields like petrochemical, waste water treatment, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgical, mining, etc.
¡ñ Precision designed gears provides compact structure and extra strength for longer life.
¡ñ High cost performance is suitable for cost sensitive projects.
¡ñ Strong pedestal bearing design can isolate the shock to gearbox and ensure gearbox longer life.
¡ñ Various seal types can be adopted to meet different requirements.
The GMX series mixers/agitators can be used for most small to middle size applications, from critical to routine.
Water and waste water treatment---------
Textile --------
Printing and dyeming ---------------