XKJ Series Direct Driven Portable Mixers/Agitators
XKJ Series Direct Driven Portable Mixers/Agitators
Main Feature
Power : To 2.2 kW(3HP)
Speed :0-1750 rpm
Torque: To 30 N.m
Single Phase:115/230V
Three Phase: 230/460, 575V
Explosion proof and stainless steel washdown
Design Features
XKJ direct drive portable mixers/agitators provide high speed mixing for those jobs, such as dispersion, emulsification, etc., where greater shearing is needed and it is usually used for smaller batch mixing. Greatwall high shear saw teeth impeller or auto folding impeller can be used to create localized high-velocity eddies to provide good mixing of two fluids or dissolving of dry powders into solution.
Main Design Features:
Nodular iron housing provides extra strong support. Baking finish gives smooth, beautiful surface and maximum durability.
One piece shaft sleeve design ensure the centering during two bearings which can minimizes whip and vibration.
Oversize 1" to 1-3/8" diameter shafts provide maximum stability and long life. Stainless steel 316L allows the use for rigorous conditions.
Optimized ball and socket mount allows 360orotation and 90overtical adjustments. High strength mounting clamp is guaranteed for life against breakage.
From high energy efficiency impellers to folding impellers for drum or tote, various choices can fufill all your requirements.