MTS Series Sanitary Magnetic Bottom-entry Mixers/Agitators
Main Feature:
Power : To 7.5 kW(10HP)
Speed :40-360 rpm
Torque: 5-315 N.m
Tank Volume: To 30,000 Liters(7925 US Gallon)
Viscosity: To 1,000 cP
Main Design Features:
Temperature-resistant and high-efficiency magnets
Ceramic bearing design
One-piece tank plate and flow-through channels
All wetted parts of impeller and tank plate are AISI 316L
Design Features:
MTS series mixers/agitators use permanent magnets for the transfer of torque. Unlike the traditional seal (such as mechanical seal or stuffing box), the static seal comprehensively solves the problem of leakage. So it suits applications which demand high levels of cleanability and durability whilst not allowing any leakage, such as for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, bio-chemicals, pesticides, etc.
Features include temperature-resistant and high-efficiency magnets, ceramic bearing design, one-piece tank plate and flow-through channels and all wetted parts of the impeller and the tank plate made of AISI 316L stainless steel.
1. BEARING:The ceramic bearing design has been proven to be more cleanable than the sleeve bearing design, and easily maintained on-site.
2. LIFTING HOLES:Designed for easy maintenance.
3. ISOLATION SLEEVE:One-piece tank plate and flow-through channels design totally eliminating defects.
4. INNER&OUTER MAGNETS:The material of magnets is Samarium Cobalt which is designed to withstand temperatures up to 250¡ãC.
5. IMPELLER:The integrated design of the impeller and inner magnets is closer to the bottom of the tank, eliminating the dead zone, so that the structure can be Cleaned-In-Place (CIP) using sprays or immersion.
Technical Information:
Type Power
Impeller diameter
Design torque
MTS25 0.25 358 140 5
MTS37 0.37 358 140 5
MTS55 0.55 347 190 10
MTS75 0.75 354 220 30
MTS110 1.1 354 220 30
MTS150 1.5 352 280 63
MTS220 2.2 352 280 63
MTS300 3 302 330 100
MTS400 4 306 380 160
MTS550 5.5 278 420 250
MTS750 7.5 200 550 315
1. Speed varies when equipped with speed controller or VFD.
2. Diameter of impeller can be customized.