SKJ Series Ring-swing Side-entry Mixers/Agitators
SKJ Series Ring-swing Side-entry Mixers/Agitators
Size: To 18.5kW(25HP)
Speeds: 360rpm
Characteristics & Features:
SKJ series ring-swing side-entry mixers/agitators are suitable for the reaction, mixing and storage of liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and other materials in various industries. It is suitable for biogas, petrochemical, environmental protection and other industries, especially for the application of large tank (sump). The structure of the swinging shaft is mainly for the condition that the agitator needs to be adjusted intermittently, especially for large storage tanks and agitator cracking. In the case of the same power consumption, the larger action area is achieved to eliminate the dead zone. When it is installed in the middle and lower part of the tank, the main function is suspension, dispersion and forming circulation. When it is installed in the upper part of the tank, the main function is strengthening the circulation and avoids floating layers. This series of agitator can be equipped with agitator anti - hanging device and leakage indicator.
The main design features:
Precision designed gears provides compact structure and extra strength for longer life.
Robust bearings lives in excess of 100,000 hours.
One piece of shaft design ensures precision and provides stability.
Angle adjustment for four directions provides most efficient mixing performance.
Special designed seal makes it possible for nearly all kinds of conditions
Electrical or manual driven swivel device is available.
Special designed clean edge impeller can prevent fiber intertwine.
The SKJ series mixers/agitators are usually used in biogas process, especially for agglomeration breaking.