QJB, QDT Series Submersible Mixer/Agitator
The submersible mixer/agitator is an efficient water mixing device and pusher mechanism, which composed of submersible motor, motor seal, and impeller, etc. The impeller of the submersible agitator is driven by the submersible motor to rotate and mix the surrounding fluid to produce axial and rotary jet flow, which is mixed with the shear force on the surface of the jet fluid to form a volume flow, so that the surrounding fluid can be stirred and propelled. The submersible mixer/agitator is widely used in sewage and wastewater treatment units for various environmental undertakings. It is suitable for mixing liquids containing suspended matter and solid impurities, promoting water circulation and nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal unit to direct water flow. Combined with the aeration system, the energy consumption can be greatly reduced, the oxygenation amount can be significantly improved, and precipitation can be effectively prevented. The QJB series submersible mixer/agitator has two series: blending mixer/agitator and pusher submersible mixer/agitator.
The submersible mixer/agitator can operate normally and continuously under the following conditions:
luid temperature does not exceed 40 ¡æ
Fluid pH is 5-9
Fluid density does not exceed 1150kg/m3
Long-term diving operation, the depth of submersion shall not exceed 20m
Power Range: 0.85-10kW
Blending Mixer Series: small impeller diameter, the general range is 260-620mm, rotation speed is 180-980r/min
Pusher Submersible Mixer Series: the general impeller range is 1100-2500mm,rotation speed is 22-115r/min
Material: cast iron / cast stainless steel, can be customized according to customer requirements