DTM Series Dynamic Tube Mixers/Agitators
DTM series dynamic tube mixers/agitators is high-performance equipment for continuous production processes. They are installed on pipelines. Feedstock is fed in on one side and discharged on another side. The dispersion, emulsification and homogenization of the material can be achieved by the high-speed rotating blades and the refined mesh at the inlet. Material mixing is more homogeneous and narrow particle size distribution can be easily obtained, thereby reducing the energy loss in the subsequent step to improve productivity. 
It is mainly used for on-line mixing in petrochemicals, fine chemicals, etc. and can replace some traditional batch processes in various applications.
Features for DTM mixers/agitators£º
Suitable for large flow capacities and continuous industrial production lines;
Material can be more homogeneous with narrow particle size distribution;
Save time, efficiency, save energy;
Eliminate quality differences in production between batches;
Simple to operate and easy to maintain;